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Siobhain (Vonnie) Crosbie

Reg. MBACP, MGHT, Adv. Dip Med

Siobhain (Vonnie) Crosbie is an experienced therapist practising psychotherapy for almost 20 years in private practice. She's also a qualified Mediator, Family therapist, qualified Supervisor and Author. Vonnie is a writer of articles and stories reflecting understanding from a psychoanalytical viewpoint and her experience is extensive.

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David Sleet

David is a published author and a qualified Life Coach who uses true Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques & approaches and works from a psychodynamic base to give an exceptionally focused and effective platform to supporting those in need. He has been a Carer for those preparing to leave care for almost 10 years and has spent over 20 years training and coaching for multiple sectors.

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Irina Omelkova

Fd/Sc, Dip ION.

I am a qualified, beautician, aromatherapist and Nutritional Therapist. from the knowledge of food and human physiology gives me the unique opportunity to assist my clients in applying nutrition into their overall goals and well-being.

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Sam Wall

There is no 'hot air' or 'frill' it's right down to straight talk and results! I specialise in advising and supporting your business with the best strategy to increase your sales. With over 25 years of advertising, marketing and commercial business experience including 9 years in digital marketing and social media I know how to target your business and your message to the right people in the right place for maximum impact.

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Mari Bezer

BSc(Hons) Dip(SocPolCrim) IntCert(Counselling) CCCReg

I have spent many years helping people move forward from difficulties affecting their lives and no matter how you feel right now, I promise to give you the time and space to talk freely.... at your own pace and in confidence.

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Michael Forfieh

British Assoc of Counselling & Psychotherapy, Black & Asian Therapists Network

As member of the BACP and BAATN, I have relevant training and learning experience that assists enhancing me professionally as a counsellor. I have supported people who are working through a number of difficulties including: Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, Relationship difficulties, Mood management including angry feelings, Self-esteem, Abuse and Trauma. I am ultimately an integrative therapist.

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Jacqui Kershaw

Founder, Sweet Ways to Stop Abuse

Sweet Ways to Stop Abuse is a not for profit organisation (no, 9833506) which exists solely to provide free support and counselling for your people who face difficulties due to toxix and abusice relationships. All profits generated from training are used to provide this service.

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Anthony Mack


I am a fully qualified and registered integrative psychotherapist, Counsellor and hypnotherapist also cognitive behaviour ( c.b.t ) practitioner, with many years of experience in treating addiction depression obsession’s ( O.C.D ) and anxiety disorders amongst many other issues

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Maz Connolly

I have trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches including Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural, Rational Emotive Behaviour, Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy and have also completed training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Dialectic Behavioural Therapy. I am also a practising Hypnotherapist and a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society. I have extensive experience working with children and young people within a school setting.

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Karin Brauner

Reg MBACP (Accred), MBPsS

Sometimes life gets difficult and we struggle with things that used to be easy for us. If you’ve reached this point, you’ve probably thought that it’s a good idea to get some help to get your life back on track. I offer an empathetic , non-judgmental, caring environment in which to explore life’s problems and find a way to move forward in life. Together in the counselling room we can find a way to gain insights about your current distress and deal with it in a patient and timely fashion.

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Dr Vivien Sabel

MA Psych

I am a highly qualified integrative relational psychotherapist and qualified clinical supervisor.  I use MY academic and experiential therapeutic ‘tool kit’ in various ways to support children, adults, couples for face-to-face psychotherapy and worldwide via Skype.

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Carmela Mastroianni

Dip.Couns MBACP (Accredited register)

I am an experienced, qualified counsellor and member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I work in an integrative way, which means that I use theories and concepts from different therapeutic models. I believe that psychological problems are seldom caused by just one source or situation, and that therefore a variety of strategies may be useful for achieving the desired outcome.

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Nicola Kellock

Qualified Therapist BACP

Sometimes in life the paths that we choose become bumpy and rough, occasionally finding ourselves facing challenges, loss, feelings of uncertainty or stuck. I am a qualified and registered BACP Counsellor offering different therapeutic approaches including Humanistic, Transactional Analysis combined with a creative toolbox. I provide a confidential safe space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings thereby enabling you to re-discover your balance in life and move towards positive change.

07704 935041

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Richard Palmer

National Counselling Society Accredited Counsellor, Advanced Cert Relationship Therapy, Higher Diploma in Counselling Practice, Advanced Cert Counselling Skills, Cert in Counselling Skills

It is common for young adults to experience anxiety. In my experience, the vast majority of the anxiety suffered at this time of your life is a symptom of low self-esteem. Counselling can be a great way of controlling anxiety and improving your self-esteem which means that you may never experience problematic anxiety again. Following my own experiences with low self-esteem and the anxiety and depression that this often leads to as well as training to be a counsellor, I have been able to develop a very effective counselling process.

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Jay East

CTA, Sup Dip, ERT Dip, C Dip, BA, DPNS

I am a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist. I am based in Surrey and see clients working with them for Psychotherapy and Counselling, face to face in a dedicated therapy space. I also work with clients on Skype or other such medium. Formally a State Registered Nurse, I am a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) with Psychotherapy speciality. I have been working therapeutically with clients since 2004. Transactional Analysis (TA) provides the foundation of my psychotherapeutic and counselling practice.

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Peter Fleming

Senior Trainer and co-director of Pellin Training

Peter Fleming is the Senior Trainer and is co-director of Pellin Training. He is an Emeritus Member of UKAHPP and, prior to retirement from practice, was a registered psychotherapist of both UKCP & UKAHPP. Peter is the originator of the Pellin material, having written or co-written it. Peter graduated Economics from Sydney University (1958) and Post Graduate Studies in in International Relations from the LSE (1958). He became a Research Assistant on a project on Juvenile Delinquency at the University of Southern California (1959-1961). Peter went on to train with Fritz Perls, the founder of Gestalt Therapy, at the Gestalt Institute of Canada, Lake Cowichan, BC, Canada and qualified as a Gestalt Therapist. During this training, he authored and directed the “Gestalt Therapy Demonstration Project in Corrections”, 1970 - 1971, the first use of Gestalt Therapy in prisons, funded by provincial British Columbia and the federal Canadian Government and the Donner Foundation of Canada. The report was published internally by the John Howard Society. Peter was offered a position as a prison social worker and probation officer by the British Columbia Department of Corrections, where he qualified as a social worker. In this work, he met David Pellin in Vancouver, BC and his work based on his Activator Philosophy of Human Behaviour and became his student. After David’s untimely death in 1971, Peter took over his work, adding Gestalt Therapy and developed Contribution Training. He set up the Pellin Institute in southern Italy and London and started training students. The work was extended to the fostering sector, teaming up with Banya Family Placement Agency to provide inhouse training.

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Nino Carraturo

Co-director of Pellin Training

Nino Carraturo is one of the main trainers and is co-director of Pellin Training. He is an Accredited Pellin Trainer and has an MSc in Computer Science from University College, London. In conjunction with Peter Fleming, he is developing the material for the Advanced and Diploma Course, and the Pellin Life Skills Programme. Nino has had a long carer in Software Development, being on the original development teams of the GSM (2g) & 3g mobile networks. He went on to run a successful IT Support company before teaming up with Peter to develop the Pellin work and establish Pellin Training.

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